The EUROCALIN Consortium’s goal is to develop a safe and effective hepcidin-specific Anticalin drug for the treatment of anemia of chronic disease (ACD) which in turn will accelerate the advance of (1) the PRS-080 drug development program, (2) the Anticalin technology and (3) the treatment of ACD beyond the current standard of care. To achieve the overall goal, the Consortium members will address and answer several key scientific and technical questions, which are broken down into the following specific and interdependent work packages.

WP 1 Preclinical research
WP 2 Half life extension
WP 3 T cell epitope analysis
WP 4 Chemistry, manufacturing and quality control
WP 5 Formulation
WP 6 Pharmakokinetics and anti-drug antibody assay development
WP 7 Biomarker assays
WP 8 IMPD enabling Toxicology
WP 9 Back-up and surrogate candidates
WP 10 First-in-man clinical trial
WP 11 Project management
WP 12 Dissemination
WP 13 Exploitation

As the Consortium achieves key milestones in each of these work package areas, updates will be posted in this section of the website. For more information, please also sign up for the EUROCALIN newsletter.

Work packages