Antitope Ltd. is a SME that specializes in immunogenicity testing and protein engineering technologies. Its mission is to apply these technologies to create improved non-immunogenic biologics. Antitope was founded in 2004 in Cambridge, UK, and offers proprietary technologies as a comprehensive service for evaluating immunogenicity, identifying T cell epitopes, producing humanized antibodies and generating non-immunogenic proteins. Their core proprietary technologies include:

  • EpiScreenTM for accurately measuring the location of T cell epitopes and the immunogenicity potential of therapeutic proteins.
  • Composite Human AntibodiesTM to generate humanized, T cell epitope depleted antibodies for therapeutic use.
  • Composite ProteinsTM to generate non-immunogenic proteins with desired biological function for therapeutic use.

Antitope’s client base includes multinational pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies and academic institutions distributed throughout Europe, the US and the Far East.

Antitope are leaders in immunogenicity assessment of protein therapeutics and control significant intellectual property in the analysis of immunogenicity in protein therapeutics. Antitope has been offering immunogenicity assessment and removal of immunogenicity technologies for protein therapeutics as a service since 2004. Antitope is the only commercial organization capable of showing a direct correlation of data from the EpiScreen assay and clinical immunogenicity; this correlation is used to benchmark experimental samples with potential clinical immunogenicity. These technologies have been applied to a large number of therapeutic proteins for partners rang- ing from academic institutes to large multinational pharmaceutical companies.

For more information, please contact:
Neil Butt
Antitope Ltd
Babraham Research Campus
Cambridge CB22 3AT
Tel: +44 (0) 1223 496190
email: neil.butt "at"

Antitope Ltd.
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Antitope Ltd.

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